How To Use

Book Buckles are unique Bookmarks that are really easy-to-use. Once you attach it to your book, you won’t have to fuss with it until you’re ready to remove and use on another book. You also won’t have to worry about losing your bookmark!  Here are the steps to installing your Book Buckle bookmark:

Step 1 - Open your book to the center, laying it flat in front of you

Step 1

Open your book to the center, laying it open and flat in front of you.

Step 2 - Stretch the elastic, white band through the center of the book.

Step 2

Stretch the white, elastic portion and insert into the center of the book. Ribbon with D-rings should be on top.

Step 3 - Close your book, laying it flat with each ribbon coming down or up the spin of the book

Step 3

Now close your book with D-rings and book-marker. Bring the D-Rings down the spine and the bottom ribbon up the spine.

Step 4 - Put the bottom ribbon through both D-Rings

Step 4

Bring the top and bottom together, then pull the bottom ribbon through "both" D-Rings.

Step 5 - Bring the ribbon back through one D-ring and pull tight

Step 5

Now thread the ribbon down and between the D-Rings and bring it through "one" D-Ring and pull-down to secure.

Ready-to-Use- Use the Journal-like bookmarker to mark your place


Your Book Buckle is now securely attached. Use the Journal-like book-marker to mark your place.

Video Installation Guide

Book Buckle Bookmark is securely attached to a book and ready to use

Product Features


Two sizes, small and large, gives you the flexibility to use a Book Buckle on small books up to text books.


The Book Buckle is designed to stay attached to your book so it will never become lost and it’s easy to access.

Use it Over and Over

When you have finished reading one book, simply move your Book Buckle to another.

Suitable for all Book types

Whether your reading a paperback book or hardback book you can use a Book Buckle to mark a place.


We all love to accessorize, why not use a functional bookmark, in your style, which adds a little character to your book! Further customize your Book Buckle to YOU with options to add charms and embellishments. (coming soon)

The Perfect Gift

Book Buckles make great gifts for anyone that enjoys a good read from time to time or use a book for any other purpose. They are perfect for stocking stuffers, college students, teacher appreciation, get well, thank you, birthdays, and just about any occasion!


Use Book Buckles to accessorize your book based on the holiday, season, or occasion!


Ordered four of these,  2 for me and 2 for gifts. Not only did my friends love them, I do too! Great product for bookworms like myself.


Loving it!

I received my bookmark as a gift and had to share since it’s such a simple, yet smart innovation for books. I use this all the time and I really like how you can put it on and not mess with it again until it’s time to use on another book. Great product and quality material too.



I think this is an ingenious invention. I’ve lost so many bookmarks, this was such a great solution to even the bookmarks that clip-on. There’s no way to lose this bookmark while it’s attached! Easy to use too



Awesome product for book nerds like me!



What Are You Waiting For?

Either you’re a bookworm or you know someone who would love this unique and long-lasting bookmark for their enjoyment of reading tangible books.

Shop the LAST Bookmark You'll Ever Need

Book Buckles are not your average bookmark. For the same or lower price, you can have a bookmark that securely attaches to your book, is reusable and won’t get lost! The most unique bookmark available today!


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