Book Buckles is now Patent Pending since June 8th, 2014. Together we worked hard at the design after the concept and then eagerly submitted our hard work to get our provisional patent!.

Book Buckles is the Better Way to Mark A Place. In other words, it’s an amazing bookmark that not only adds style and class, but it’s also trendy and highly functionable. It’s a bookmark that won’t fall out or off your book.

How Book Buckles (the amazing bookmark) was invented

Being a regular reader of books since a young child, Joanne passed the love of books onto her two twin daughters Amanda and Jennifer.  Nearly two years ago, Joanne, growing tired of losing her place in her books and losing her bookmark while watching her grandkids (not that they were the only culprit),  started to brainstorm ideas for a better bookmark. Through conceptualizing and the use of her sewing machine, various styles and methods, she introduced to her daughters the idea. “I just wanted something that would stay on my book, and possibly look good while doing it”, – Joanne.

Through further collaboration Joanne and Amanda came up with the final invention, which is the Book Buckle presently available as of this post. “I enjoy spending time creating things, and this was a fun new project to be a part of” – Amanda.

Jennifer, being the graphic and web designer, was able to help with user interface design, and make it possible to get these out for all to enjoy. Responsible for creating the Book Buckle identity, she plays a vital role in the continued success of these wonderful bookmarks. “I see these bookmarks becoming a staple for the person who loves to read real books, even high school and college students will benefit greatly from these” – Jennifer.

Continue to follow Joanne, Amanda and Jennifer and of course the Book Buckle through their adventures in providing a better way to mark a place! Connect with Book Buckles on facebook


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