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Tangible Books

Book Buckles are for people who prefer a tangible book

Mark Your Place

Easily mark your place without losing your bookmark.

Customer Satisfaction

Is our Top Priority. Book Buckles are handmade in the USA. We guarantee our product and are here to answer any questions.

Top Questions and Answers

What size Book Buckle does the small fit?

The small Book Buckle fits a book up to 9 inches in length (from the top of the book spine to the bottom).  This generally works well for your typical reading book in hard or paper back.

What size Book Buckle fits a large book?

The large Book Buckle fits a 9″ to 12″ book from the top to the bottom (top of spine to the bottom of the spine/book). These are perfect for large books like your typical text book.

What if my book is longer than 12 - inches?

At this time we are not taking customer orders. We have found that a small or large Book Buckle bookmark will be sufficient for the majority of books.

Should I buy a small and a large Book Buckle?

We recommend buying the size you feel will fit the typical size book you read. If you typically read smaller books and paper backs, the small would be best, as the large will give you a very long book-marker (the journal-like attachment) and may bother you. But, if you tend to read more hardback books that are 9″ and up, go with the large.

Are all Book Buckles the same width; do they fit any width spine?

Book Buckles is now only making bookmarks with a 5/8″ width. We have found the, besides beginner books, most books have a spine width larger than a 5/8″ width.

• 5/8″ wide, will fit a 5/8″ spine and up.

In the past we made 3-sizes, so if you need more information in regards to a Book Buckle you already own, please read on.
• 3/8″ wide, will fit a 3/8″ spine and up, which are typically seen in smaller children books.
• 7/8″ wide, will fit a 7/8″ spine and up.

Typically your 5/8″ and 7/8″ are going to fit most standard reading books. Simply measure the spine of your book to be sure.

BACKORDERS - How long will it take to receive my backordered item(s)?

Items on backorder may take up to 4 weeks before you will receive it. It can be as short as a week. It depends on several factors such as, if we only need to make your item(s), if we need to order material, etc. We will keep you updated on your shipping status if you should choose to order a back-ordered item.

Is What if I would like to purchase a large quanity?

If you are interested in ordering larger quantities for special occasions, for your company, book signings, wedding favors, party favors, promotions or to resale them, please contact us at orders (AT), give us a call 760-445-8895 or use our web form.

Do you offer bulk sales for promotional gear?

If you are interested in ordering larger quantities for special occasions, for your company, book signings, wedding favors, party favors, promotions or to resale them, please contact us at orders (AT), give us a call 760-445-8895 or use our web form.

Is your check out secure?

Yes. is secure during checkout on our website, as well as through PayPal  where you will enter your payment details. You can feel confident that entering your name and address through our website is secure. We have a valid SSL certificate, backed by an SSL warranty.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders will be shipped the next business day and will arrive based on your location and the delivery service. Orders placed over the weekend will ship on Monday. Currently we offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders.

Safety & Use

Caution, chocking or strangulation hazard. Anyone under the age of 5 should be supervised when using. Use at your own risk. While Book Buckles are very safe, a child or anyone using them other than their intended use, is not the responsibility of Book Buckles and/or Mark A Place Company. Book Buckles are intended to be used for saving your place in your books by attaching them to the spine of the book. The charms, are small enough to pose as a chocking hazard when used improperly.

  • Choking Hazard – Small Parts
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.
  • Strangulation Hazard – Long Ribbon


  • Never place Book Buckle around your neck.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.
Who are Book Buckles made for?

Book Buckles were created for anyone who reads physical books. After continually losing her typical insert-style bookmark, Joanne started brainstorming the perfect way to mark her place. After nearly two years of prototypes and conceptualizing the perfect bookmark, the Book Buckle was born! Joanne and her two daughters, Amanda & Jennifer, made over 400 Book Buckles, build this website and attended shows. We are now using digital media to share our wonderful innovation with young and old readers alike.
As parents, we believe reading physical books is a must to education and the love of learning. Book Buckles was another way to get young minds excited about Books! Let them dress up their book and have fun marking their place!


Video Installation Guide

Still Have Questions? Contact Us!

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Step 1 - Open your book to the center, laying it flat in front of you

Step 1

Open your book to the center, laying it open and flat in front of you.

Step 2 - Stretch the elastic, white band through the center of the book.

Step 2

Stretch the white, elastic portion and insert into the center of the book. Ribbon with D-rings should be on top.

Step 3 - Close your book, laying it flat with each ribbon coming down or up the spin of the book

Step 3

With the top (D-Rings) hanging out of the top and the bottom ribbon hanging out of the bottom, shut your book.

Step 4 - Put the bottom ribbon through both D-Rings

Step 4

With your book closed and laying flat, bring the ribbon with D-Rings down the spine and the ribbon on the opposite end, up the spin, so the join together. Pull the bottom ribbon through “both” D-Rings

Step 5 - Bring the ribbon back through one D-ring and pull tight

Step 5

Now bring the ribbon through “one” D-Ring and pull down to secure.

Ready-to-Use- Use the Journal-like bookmarker to mark your place


Your Book Buckle is now securely attached. Use the Journal-like book-marker to mark you place.

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