The Book Buckles website has been officially deemed complete as of July 1st, 2014. With some minor tweaks and ongoing maintenance, we are sure your user experience will be perfect, just like Book  Buckles bookmarks are perfect for saving your place in your favorite books.

You will be able to sort, search and navigate by specific selections such as color, style and limited edition Book Buckles. Book Buckles are bookmarks designed to stay on your book until you take it off. They are the perfect bookmark for leisurely reads or school text books. Do you grow tired of searching for your bookmark at the bottom of your backpack? Tired of finding where you left off in your study books? Do your kids or grandkids often play with your books, leaving your bookmark nowhere to be found? Then you will benefit from using a Book Buckle.

The next steps for our bookmarks website

The next phase of our website design will be to add accessorized options for your Book Buckle bookmark. The accessories will range from gems and other stationary objects that will attached to the top spine of your Book Buckle to fun dangle ornaments that will dangle off the bottom of your marker.

Book Buckles stay on your book by attaching to the spine of your book like a belt around your waist. The marker is a long loose piece of material that is then used by you to mark where you left off in your book.

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