Yes, we feel our bookmarks are one of the best, if not the best way to save your place in your physical books. It’s not because we made them, it’s because they work as intended and stay securely attached to your book until you remove the bookmark from your book. We spent two years perfecting the Book Buckle bookmark and it’s another reason why they are the best for saving your place.

Time, love, attention to detail, material quality and the like all went into the creation of Book Buckles. Developed by three working moms, (my twin sister, our mom & myself) we felt the Book Buckle would eventually be popular among readers.  And we were right. Our first show proved to us that readers enjoyed them. Their fun colors, simple, yet stylish design dressed up any book and the sheer functionality of these bookmarks was all the rave & feedback we needed to keep going.

The design of our bookmark is made to be simple to use. Here’s how to install your Book Buckle:

  • Simply open your book down the center (to the middle of the book), pages facing up, then take the long white elastic portion and insert it (vertically) into the center of the book.
  • The book-marker/charm and ribbon with D-ring should be sticking out of the top of the book.
  • The bottom ribbon should be spilling out of the bottom of the book.
  • Now close your book and take the bottom ribbon and run it up the back of the spine and the top with D-ring and run it down the spine.
  • Now use the D-rings to latch the Book Buckle like a belt buckle that uses these same fasteners, and tighten accordingly, but not too tight.

Viola! That’s it. Now you are ready to start using your Book Buckle to mark your place.

We’d love to take our design and bookmark to the next level. Getting the Book Buckle into brick and mortar stores is our next conquest. We hope readers will continue to use our bookmarks and spread the love of reading to all ages. Help us to get the word about Book Buckles by staying connected with us on facebook, instagramGoogle Plus, Pinterest and share our video from YouTube. Send us feedback and share, share, share! Thank you very much for your support.


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