Mark A Place Company is pleased to announce that Book Buckles bookmarks are now available on Amazon. Amazon is a popular shopping site with a variety of product categories, book markers being one of them. “We are so excited to be able to reach Amazon shoppers and hope to move to prime in the near future,” said Jennifer, partner in the company. “Selling on Amazon comes at a cost, but our hopes is to reach those shoppers who prefer to shop through large eCommerce websites. While our shipping is currently free when you buy direct from; we offer very low shipping through Amazon (which helps us cover Amazon shipping fees), and wanted to be available for book readers, on a variety of markets.”

The Book Buckles team is working on adding more unique bookmarks such as other patterns and charms. They started with their top three bookmarks – Cupcake Ribbon Bookmark with Charm, Silver Paws Ribbon with Charm & Silver Roses Ribbon with Charm. “These three book markers have been some of our best sellers over the past two years. We not only are keeping it simple on Amazon, but plan to only introduce 10-15 ribbon bookmarks, including a couple bible bookmarks later this year.”

Goals for Book Buckles is to reach book lovers from all over who would benefit from their handmade bookmarks. Book Buckles are fun, easy to use and unique book markers which fit a variety of book sizes. They’ve provided anyone the ability to add a permanent journal-like bookmark to any book or bible and enjoy the benefits of the ease of saving your place. These bookmarks don’t fall out when traveling or when your book is dropped. They stay secure and look cool too.

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